Trusting God, your spouse, friends, family, and yourself.

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote for you guys and I’d like to explain why today.

October was long and stressful.

We spent the first part of the month searching for a new home because the apartment complex we were in was a little too pricey for our upcoming family of four, and also we wanted to try to find more space. Long story short, after a stressful search for our new home and many many prayers to find one in time of our lease ending in our apartment, we found the perfect home for our family two weeks shy of having to move out. Praise God!

Last week rolled by, and it begun the time to start packing up our apartment. Our apartment FULL of stuff. I was completely overwhelmed and we had to be out of the apartment by Sunday night. This is how my week went:

Monday: Pretty lazy to be honest! I did get to the store to buy some packing supplies and sent my husband out to get some second hand boxes from other people (saving every penny we could.)

Tuesday: Cleaning the apartment and starting a giveaway pile.

Wednesday: STARTING to pack our least used room. ….and LOTS and LOTS of crying.

Thursday: MORE crying. Packing up as much as I could. Being five months pregnant was not helping me muster any energy I needed to get the job done.

Friday: Staring at my kitchen, and crying because I had no idea where to start. (freaking hormones would NOT leave me alone. ALL. THE. TEARS.) managing to pack up most of our living room and some of my son’s room. We ended Friday with going to our Life Group. A group of us from Church meet every Friday night, and though I was exhausted I knew my soul needed to attend. Our group prayed around me, because I shared that I felt like packing everything up by Sunday was impossible, let alone moving into a three story townhouse. The guilt was also eating me alive that being five months pregnant meant I could not help with any of the lifting and loading up the UHaul. My family and I were prayed over and we were offered help when moving in to the new house by a couple guys from our group. I felt more at ease by this.

Saturday: Part one of God telling me “I told you so, it will all be okay.” My best friend who thankfully now lives only an hour away from me, takes our son for the night. She takes him in the morning so we have a full day to pack without him being in the way, and so he could have a fun weekend, and would keep him until Sunday evening. She is such a blessing to me. My husband was off work so he helps me finish up our son’s room as I finish our bedroom. (Kitchen still not touched by the way.) I cry some more, and my husband holds me and assures me that we will be fine. His friends from work are planning on helping him load the UHaul the next day, and my good girlfriend’s would be over later that day to help us pack boxes. He’s right. I love this man with all my heart and wish I could tell my last week self to trust him, and to trust God. We got this. My girlfriend’s come over and COMPLETELY pack my kitchen with such care. I am overwhelmed with gratitude because this gives me time and energy to pack the rest of the apartment.

Sunday: Part two of God telling me “I told you so.” EIGHT friends help us completely load up the truck AND clean the apartment. I felt so incredibly blessed. When my husband and a friend drives the UHaul to the new house, there is more help from our Life Group awaiting them. They’re able to unload the UHaul relatively quickly while I waited at the apartment for my son to be dropped off to me. We grab pizzas for everyone helping and meet them at the new house. The night ends and we are all exhausted, and my husband and are forever grateful.


I honestly wish I could go back to my last week self and tell her to trust God, her husband, her friends, and herself that everything will get done and be okay.

Trust can be a hard thing, especially when the mountain in front of you seems so big. I drowned myself in tears and stress. Pregnancy and hormones did not help, but I sincerely wish I had more trust in my heart. If anybody who helped us in any way last week is reading this, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have thanked God every night for each one of you since the move.

I want to leave you with this, always trust God. He will provide ways you will never even imagine. God loves to show up and show off, and He is so so good.


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