Things I wish I knew (First Time Mom)

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There are many things I wish I knew whenever I became a mother.  Luckily I learned that motherhood is mostly winging it and listening to your gut. But there are certain things I actually wish I knew so I could help myself and my relationship.  Everything was so new to me, but the minute my son was born i thought I would have it all figured out and I didn’t.  I didn’t at all.  I would cry and cry and blame myself for feeling so low at times when I wish I knew it was completely normal!  I wish I spoke out more about my feelings instead of turning them into resentment towards my husband.  Our relationship was so out of the question when we first had Lennon and I wish I included my husband more.  I wish that I knew that a few bad days aren’t the end of the world but I’m glad Ive experienced the good, bad and , ugly in motherhood. 

If you are a new mama, just know you are never alone. There billions of other mommies that would love to help you and be there for you.  Motherhood is crazy so lets do this together. 

After all, it takes a village. 



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