The One Who Loves Them Most

In the photo above my son is smiling at “the tree that God made and that Jesus is EVERYWHERE.”

Cue my heart overflowing with love.

When I had my son, he was the rebirth of my Faith. And I remember being scared to death that I wouldn't be able to teach him the Greatness that God is, because I was still learning myself. I still am. I will forever be learning about my Savior. Who was I to try to teach the most important being in my life?

What if I did it all wrong?

It wasn't until long ago that I decided to try. And even more recently when our family found a Church home that I started talking to him about God everyday. It amazed me how easy it is and how fast it stuck to him. And how much his small but huge heart loved Him so. I'm so happy he knows how loved he truly is.

I remember I thought I would leave it up to the “professionals” to teach him about God. You know, the amazing people that watched him during Church services, they got this. As time went on, and I met my husband and moved away from home I lost my connections to the Church and we found it difficult as a family to find a new Church home. It wasn’t until we moved to Maryland that we found where our hearts belonged.

Belonging to this Church, we also plugged into life groups and it made my husband and I more eager to teach our son about God. When we started talking to him, it amazed me that he picked it up so quickly, and asked questions everyday. After a while, I told my husband we should start praying with him at night, he quickly agreed and we did so that same night. Our son soaked it all up and now he is so happy to pray before bed and will even pray throughout the day.

It seriously inspires me to do the same. Faith like a child, right? So precious.

I always come to find out at the end of my struggles that I was never alone. So mama, if you are struggling the way I was, afraid to talk to your babies about the One who loves them most because you might teach them all wrong, I’m here to tell you that it really is so easy. God will speak to them through you. You will know exactly what to say when they ask questions. At the end of the day, as long as our son knows that God loves him, He is always with us, and will keep us safe, it is well with his sweet little soul.

Teach your babes about God, it’s the greatest Gift you could ever give them.

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