The Love of a Daughter


Lately my 4 year old is more of a mother than an older sister! I always laughed when people would say “oh just wait until she starts mothering him!” But it’s true. More true than I could’ve imagined! The other day I woke her up first for school, because usually she’s more obedient and will get herself ready. When I woke her up her immediate reaction was

“where is Bubba?”

Well, Bubba had woken up the night before so he was snuggled in my bed instead of his own bed right next to hers. Before I could tell her, she was climbing off her bed yelling “Bubba, where are you, it’s time to get up!” Now to some, this may seem normal. But each of my kids has a speech issue and Emery knows that Bubba doesn’t talk very much and can be a rather quiet and closed off kiddo. Lucas has a tenancy to hide and not make a peep until he is found, so she searched. When she finds him in my room, she climbs up on the bed, and strokes his hair while saying “Lucas it’s time to wake up!” (In a not so subtle tone).

Sometimes she surprises me with just how much love and care and empathy she has towards her brother. She watches out for him, but still provokes him to fight with her. She makes sure he’s eating, but still tells on him when he throws things on the ground. She ALWAYS tries to include him in what she’s doing, even when I know she’s on her bed so he’ll leave her alone. She even refuses to do her “homework” unless she can do it to show Lucas how too. In every aspect of her life she is making sure that Lucas is a part of it, and I’m not even sure she’s consciously doing it.

My daughter is so smart, so special, and very very loving. She never lets anyone feel down and always tries to make everyone smile. Just the other day I was frustrated in traffic and I was huffing and puffing and she says “Mom?” To which I replied “Yes Emery?” She said “Good job Mom” and that was it.

That was ALL I needed to get us through traffic and home.

That one little compliment made every frustration melt away, because my 4 year old realized that a little bit of consoling could go a mile.

Sometimes we focus too much on the bad and what’s not good with our relationships with the kids or what they’re not doing that drives us nuts. I think, every now and then it’s good to focus on how amazing these little people are and how awesome they make us look by doing such simple things.


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