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I used to be afraid of going back to work. Who’s going to watch tonio? Who’s going to make dinner? Do the house work? Go to my MOPS meetings? Schedule play dates ( okay I’m lying about that)..y point being, I was afraid to stop doing everything and everything fall on top of me. I worry about if tonio is going to preschool and what kind of influences he’ll be around. Not only bad kids but bad germs. ( back story : we have the flu BADLY for a week so I’m traumatized). What if he was not? Or even worse WHAT IF HE BITES SOMEONE ELSE. I could bore you to death about my fears and worries, but this entry isn’t about tonio. It isn’t about my worries or my house or my bad case of OCD. It’s about me. 

Finally, something for myself. A job, a job bringing me back to two years ago when I was in the prime of my preschool career ( ok ok I don’t know if third year in is really my prime BUT LET ME FINISH GEEZ). ANYWAYS I’m starting back up at a preschool here in Washington!! A new state means new credentials and it’s scary to think I’ll be dumped in with kids I don’t know, lessons I’m not familiar with, rules I haven’t began to even read. It’s scary, but it’s so exciting. Like I’m having an adrenaline rush just thinking about my first day. 

I woke up last Friday earlier than the boys, and started reading my good ol “girl wash your face “ book at like 7am and was like “ I’m going to be productive. I’m going to do something that’s going to surprise even myself”. So I called a few places and got two interviews!! The first one went awful. Not for me, I got the job. But, have you ever been to a place and you think “ this just isn’t for me”? The attitudes, the vibes, the setting? It wasn’t for me. The boss didn’t even tell me how much I’d get paid or any benefits. Just “ go get your TB shot and come back for the job”. I wasn’t into it. I let it get me down all day. I was so upset and thought that maybe it wasn’t meant to be. 

Later in the day I started to feel good again, ( the sun was visiting WA for a day or two so it definitely lightened my mood) and there I found it. My job. Benefits, paid holiday, tons of room to grow, and ehm 75% OFF CHILDCARE SO HECK YA. So I called and scheduled an interview the next morning and NAILED IT. They loved me and I loved them. A team i can actually relate to. As silly and clumsy and messy as me. Don’t get me wrong, I have totally bad expectations for this place because it seems too good to be true. But I’m not going to let my doubt shade this opportunity. 

All in all I am so excited to finally go back to work after almost two years. I did this for me and I can feel the love and belief I gave myself when I didn’t give up and called another place. God is amazing and places things right in your lap. It’s just up to you if you want to stand up and walk away as everything slipped beneath your knees, or grasp that opportunity and roll with it. I am rolling with it and it feels great. 

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