September 15th

Tomorrow you will be five. Five years (and nine months) of loving you. Of being loved so perfectly by you. You my boy, are my sweetest gift.

I woke up around 5 AM on September 15th to sudden pains. I lied in bed after it went away, only for it to come back. I woke up my mother to tell her you were ready. She times my contractions, about 8 to 10 minutes apart. I still feel like you are ready so she grabs my hospital bag that I had packed weeks before so carefully. Over and over. Making sure it was perfect for you. And we drive the five minutes to the hospital. Oh the joys of a small town.

When we arrive and I am hooked up to the monitors, the nurse checks to see how far I am. I wasn't far enough to them for me to take up space in one of their rooms. They send me home and told me not to come back until I was 5 minutes apart.

Knowing I knew you were ready, I wish my mama bear kicked in in that moment.

We go back home, now about 7:30 AM. My contractions become more fierce by the hour as I lay and spend most of my labor on the couch. They never seem to reach only 5 minutes apart though, as we were instructed to wait for before coming in again. My sister is on call duty to let family know its time. She calls my best friend who is in town and she rushes over.

Around 1 PM I can't take it any longer. Still not quite at 5 minutes apart

but you want out.

I am rushed to the hospital this time, I'm afraid that you are going to slip out in the car. We make it. My best friend is already there with a wheelchair in hand and I am wheeled back into the maternity ward.

The nurses panic and call my doctor, who is at Church functions because it's a Sunday. I try to hold you in best I can till she arrives. I ask for an epidural, they laugh at me. My doctor arrives. again thank God for the small town. She is ready to catch you as I assume you will fly out. I push once, and I'm instructed to stop because you're coming too fast. She turns you, I push again and you are out.

My sweet boy, who was so eager to meet me. 5 pounds 11 ounces of perfect. Your face is perfectly shaped. Your hands are tiny but mighty. You are now my definition of love.

I vow to you I will do whatever I can to love you right.

My sweetest boy, you are my beginning of true love. Thank you for giving me the best 5 years of my life.


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