Self Care is not Selfish!


When we bring a new baby home, whether through birth, adoption, or foster care, things are turned upside-down. All of a sudden your needs go out the window because there is a tiny human completely reliant on you. The new schedule, lack of sleep, and change it brings can be completely overwhelming. 😳

I’m out of that seemingly treacherous newborn stage now, but I’m neck deep in toddlerhood.

Which brings a whole new chaotic adventure. 😨

I feel like if I’m not constantly chasing or cleaning up after him, I’m in the kitchen cooking (again) or doing more laundry. It’s never ending and it leaves very little time for myself.

As new mamas, especially for a #firsttimemom, letting go of the things that make us feel good is easy to do. Regular pedicures, a day at the salon, girls night out, shopping for yourself, even just a long uninterrupted shower. The seemingly little things.

But it’s amazing what a little ‘me time’ can do to renew your heart and mind!

If you’re a new mom or even a mom of 18+ years, remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. You’ll be an even better mama to those #wildlings if you care for yourself too. 💙

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