Pregnancy + Hormones

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Lately, I've been going crazy.

Not super crazy like I was with Lennon but I’ve been making it a priority to get the things I want to get done, DONE. I'm about 23 weeks and my body aches so much already, it’s a struggle to even walk by the end of the night.
My emotions don’t help at all in these times. I woke up today with the purpose of getting more things done since well last night I just was miserable. I am not letting that be my excuse.

I plan on tackling this pregnancy and still be the productive person I need myself to be. Lennon is still very attached to me but I'm holding on to that the most I can. The guilt is real. I always feel so guilty that in only 4 months I will have to bring home another child when Lennon still needs me the most. But this is what I mean, It’s my hormones get the best of me! I know I’ll be able to manage two under two... I HOPE.

For now, I am chugging my coffee before Lennon realizes I'm on my computer and freaks!

Happy Friday sweet mamas!

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