Out of the comfort zone

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These last few weeks have forced me to push myself to get out of my comfort zone.  I hate but its kinda rewarding at the same time.  I’ve been shaping into a better person and mother.  I am so aware of things better than I was before.  I feel like I have a “third eye” ha!  Up until my son diagnosis I was always avoiding things for myself and for my family.  I’m talking about having a social life.. being a social person.  As I mentioned before, I still suffer from severe anxiety. It’s a horrible little monster always trying to control my life but as I’m shaping into a better person I feel like I can control my mind again.  


They’re badass freaking women


I have more mom friends now.  I feel super geeky saying this but It’s like the coolest thing ever.  They’re badass freaking women and I’m so happy that I have a relationship with them.  To all of my old friends out there that will randomly stumble upon this post, please do not be offended!  You will understand once you are a mother!  moving forward with this, I feel like a new chapter of my life is unfolding!  I guess its something to look forward to.




Before finally finding my friends, I was honestly really fucking sad.  I had nothing going on and I feel so bad for my husband for always putting up with my complaining and the lack of understanding what the fuck I was going through.  I can say now my husband understands that our son is more than just a human and I have to say that my husband is a new man.  I’m not bashing him, I am so grateful for everything he has done for us.  I love my new husband.  This is all a new start.  I say it with a positive voice too.

Nothing compares to venting with other mothers, especially the ones who are going through what you are going through!  I am slowly but surely getting out of the comfort zone and I LOVE IT. 



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