Oh how time flys!

Time flies when you mother pan!

But in all realness, where has the last month.. even two months gone?! Between my trip to Florida which lasted a good month and a half, and settling back into my home here in Washington, it's just now hitting me that I have a nine month old on my hands now. I remember him being so itty bitty, when I thought I had no time for myself. HA!

I had time to fold clothes, make cute little milestone photo shoots for Tonio ( I haven't done one since he was 7 months old), I even had time to eat breakfast! These past few months, I've been chasing my new crawling all over the house, stopping him from stuffing paper in plug sockets, and catching him RIGHT BEFORE he falls on the back of his head when he thinks he's grown enough to stand on his own.

When did things get harder than I thought it already was?

I mean, I'm handling it well though. Accepting the fact that I got this makes it just that much easier. Repeating " You're doing well. You don't have it that bad. Things aren't even hard yet girl, enjoy this", it really gets you by. Even if you're feeling the total opposite, keep telling yourself that "hey, at least i'm trying". When I look back at these last nine month, I've really went through some shit! But guess what? I survived and you have/will too!

Time managing has really been on my side lately. The more I plan, the better things seem to go. Even if I don't do everything on my list, it's okay. Separating your day by tasks not only makes it go by faster, but you can also plan out the time you get to yourself because your day is written out for you. Chores, baby duty, appointments, food prep.. by the time my job is finished, Alex is home and that hour I set aside for "me time" can be done before dinner time with NO STRESS.

 It seems impossible to believe that YOU, mother of a monster and wife to the gnat you married, has time to be alone.

Well, believe it sister, cause you do. Plop that baby in his arms and run, girl. Take a bath, go for that run you've needed, go get some dollar menu ice cream and blast hoodrat music in your car because YOU DESERVE THAT MUCH.

Trust me, doing a little something for yourself goes a long way. Your spouse is going to notice the difference in attitude and maybe he'll give you a little longer if that's what it takes. Happy wife, okay life. Right?

Keep doing you mamas!

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