My Mother is Magical

My mother was magical. She knew all the things! The things I needed were always available to me. Even when they started to run out? It appeared again! And all my favorite foods, always magically appeared on my plate. I was always loved, and taken care of.

I'm a mom now. I have to tell you,

it was concerning to me that her magic powers came from doing all the things.

All of her knowledge? Although my mother is very smart and I still feel like she knows all the things...I now know that maybe she didn't actually know where unicorns came from, and what the trick was to finding the right frog that will turn into a Prince with a kiss, or where that magic lamp was I could rub that makes a genie appear and grant all my wishes. Yes all of them, see the trick was to ask for 3 more wishes at every 3d wish. I knew all the things too y'all!

Maybe...just maybe. She made up all the answers she knew I would want to hear, to fulfill a little girl's imagination. I know this, because I answer all the dinosaur questions to fulfill my sweet boy's! Or maybe when I was asking all the questions at the zoo, what animal was called what...maybe she was reading the information box at each exhibit. I don't know, just a guess!

The food and all my needs always appearing when I needed it most? I guess you actually have to go grocery shopping...and spend money to make this all happen! What?!?! Oh and also, following instructions on a recipe gives you the best results when putting food on the table.

Who freaking knew?!

I was always loved. And taken care of. This is where the real magic comes in. When you're a mama things can be tiresome. But you pull yourself together every day to give your baby the amount of love and care they need. And when you can finally quit at the end of the day and in the world can I do this again tomorrow? Magic mama. You are magical. My mama is magical. I am magical. We are all magical.



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