My Eight Month Mark


It’s been almost 8 months of exclusively breastfeeding!!

Lemme tell you, it was not easy. The latching part was no problem, the supply part never had an issue, but the acceptance part.. that’s what I have a problem with even today.

I feel obligated to feed my son in a bathroom, or leave a social event and go to an empty room, or sometimes my hot car. I know, I know, “who cares what they think, you’re feeding your child.” It’s not complicated than that though. Sometimes it’s more of just my shyness rather than wanting to be accepted.

I take so many pictures of him eating, because it’s easily one of the most innocent and precious things he does.

When he stared into my eye when he eats, he looks at me like I’m the queen of his world.

Sometimes if I look at him long enough, he’ll smile this big smile as he’s eating and I melt so hard for this kid. It hurts my heart knowing that if I posted these pictures, there’s going to be at least one person to say something negative. Or one creepy guy thinking something dirty about it. Why can’t a woman feel comfortable posting pictures of her SIMPLY FEEDING HER BABY?

There’s always going to be someone who’s going to ruin it for the rest. Someone is always going to say something wrong and someone is always going find a way to make everything sexual.

It is what it is though. 

But my rant is over and my point is, HAPPY EIGHT MONTHS OF BREASTFEEDING TO ME.

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