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A question that took me a while to figure out was the meaning on becoming a dad.

When people asked me what it was like being a dad, usually my answers ended up being short and to the point never in depth or hold true feelings behind them. Some say its having long nights and spending all your time and money them or tell a small tale about their child that they hold a emotional attachment to. And this goes for even when I look back at my own past with my father, but from a kid point of view I wanted to learn what he knew, see what he saw and just overall be able to relate and talk to him as if I knew what he was talking about.

From thinking back on those times and started to get a grasp on what becoming a dad meant to me. To me when my kids are having a long night or can’t sleep, I no longer look at it as “another long night” but instead I think of it as just a late night with a new best friend. When I think about the purchase I have made or am going to make, to me its just being able to give what they need and know they are going to happy with it no matter what.

Being a dad

Being a dad, you are more then just a creator of your next generation, you are a guide/ mentor/ teacher/ motivator for the next great thing. In the beginning I often thought how I could be one of those traits; how I could be like my dad, and want my kids to aspire to thrive, be excited about new things, and want to learn. This is what inspired me to strive to become a guide/mentor/ teacher/ and a source of motivation and in doing so I know that they will see that desire and we can bounce that excitement from each other.

Becoming or just being a dad is a roller coaster of new things and we each have our own unique way of learning what kind of dad we are to become. Father’s Day to me is more than just a day to celebrate gifts, to me Father’s Day is a time where we get to embrace the knowledge that we have learned from our fathers and be appreciative to what they have thought us.

To answer what it is like being a dad? It is the best thing I have ever experienced in this world.

Love you dad.



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