Keeping it classy

I'd like to address negative and energy draining people on social media.

Okay, as moms, we already have a lot to deal with on our own, but when people in our close circles have issues or drama with other people and put them on blast online IT'S FREAKING TOXIC to be around and exhausting.

Not everyone wants to see or be a part of other people's conflicts. As difficult as parenting is and dealing with military life, the last thing we need to stress about is to being witness to other people's issues.
I wish people would be more thoughtful of those around them and not personally drag other people online.

  Let's stay classy,

Just share the positive with the world and keep our personal conflicts-personal. I feel that's how we can make the world a better place- by just sharing the happy, normal or non drama ridden personal moments of our lives with the world.

Keep it classy, keep it real.

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