It’s Okay to Live in the Moment

The past two weeks my husband took off from work to stay home and relax. This was good for our family. It gave our son some much needed daddy time and we got to go get out of the house more than we usually are able to. We went to the zoo, an arcade, and some fun Church events. We did all of this, and I have little to no photos to show you guys!

Usually I am all about the photos, but this time I simply forgot to take some.

To be honest with you, it felt nice. It felt nice to live in the moment and not behind a phone and making sure I get that perfect photo from my energetic five year old.

I took some here and there, but for the most part my phone was tucked away in my purse, because my whole world was right at my fingertips. My husband, our son, oh and our little baby I’m growing inside of me right now.

I think it’s so easy to get lost behind our phones/cameras. I won’t disagree that they are great and very needed to capture memories. I will always be a photo frenzy mama, but I will also remember that sometimes it’s okay to live in the moment.

This will pass all too quickly.

It’s okay to see with my own eyes the smile my son has on his face when his daddy plays arcade games with him.

Our motto here at Words With Moms is “Motherhood shouldn’t have a filter” and let me just say, living life without all the photos, truly gives that new meaning! Not having to find that perfect filter, caption, and hashtags was honestly refreshing to me. It’s okay to live in the moment.



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