I am right where I need to be


I remember back when people used to tell me that I should avoid having a second child. Try hearing that while drinking your morning cup of tea. I knew that they were genuinely concerned, however, I also knew that if I didn’t try I would regret it for the rest of my life. See you only get one shot at life, there isn’t a “restart” button after life ends. I knew I was going to have my second child, and too be honest my grandma had my mom at 47. I knew if she could do it, so could I! I had chronic medical issues and yet still had faith. I knew I was covered by the grace of God, and allowed God to bless me with Savannah all on his timing, and his will.

People would tell me I would not complete college.

Not only was I awarded a full medical program’s scholarship, but I completed it with straight A’s, and passed my board test! See all of these achievements happened at various ages, it wasn’t a stereotypical time line society had set, it was God’s timing. Once I accepted his timing, everything worked in his favor, and mine. See what he thinks is best for me, is best for me. I may live with chronic medical issues and yes, sometimes I have to abstain from doing things my peers can. Sometimes even the things that I think I want, aren’t what God wants.

Better believe that took my stubborn mind a while to grasp!

However, it does not run my life. I still have two beautiful girls that need my full attention, love, and guidance. To tell you the truth, they are my daily motivation! I see how strong and smart they are, and I remind myself that I should be proud of the mother I continue to become. It’s important we look at the positive, and that it’s okay to feel proud of our achievements. We are not perfect humans, yet we achieve what God has set for us to reach when we lead with faith and discipline.

See all we really need is some drive, and a mustard seed of faith. With all of that being said, I would like to formally announce that a week before my 30th I received one of the greatest calls of my life! It was regarding something I have worked so hard on, both physically and emotionally! Something that God has called upon me, and it happened at 30! My children’s books have been selected to be published from a Christian publishing company! I hope to bring encouragement to children who are facing various challenges in life. I am awaiting God to work out the funds to make my dream happen, and until then I am content waiting. I feel humbled to be able to bring hope to many families across the world!

So please, always remember that there is no set age on when you should complete a milestone. Heck, I dated Shawn at 17, married at 18, and 2 years later got pregnant with Ava. Yet here we stand with 2 children, 12 years later. Yet, against all obstacles, challenges, and difficulties God still uses me! So I have accepted, and embraced where I am at in my life because God is always right around the corner tuning the clock!


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