Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers out there near and far

Motherhood for me has been a beautiful adventure filled with many ups and downs along the way especially in becoming a mother. I’ve learned that the process of becoming a Mother is truly a miracle in and of itself. As someone who wasn’t able to conceive naturally I have a new-found respect for the human body, and every single miracle that happens along the way of creating life. I’ve overseen the process from under a doctor’s microscope and every moment is critical and precious.

After trying unsuccessfully for four years to become pregnant I was diagnosed with stage III endometriosis and underwent laparoscopic surgery to clean everything out and start fresh. After 6 months of trying again naturally nothing took so we underwent IVF. The process was set back twice for a cyst that needed removed surgically. So, one year later I was having a second laparoscopic surgery. After healing we tried IVF for a third time. The result was astounding and resulted in a healthy daughter. We had one single embryo left which we froze.

Blessed with healthy twin boys

After two years we wanted to try again and so another laparoscopic surgery was needed to clean everything out and help ensure a successful IVF. After healing a third time we underwent a fresh IVF cycle and were amazed and blessed with healthy twin boys.

A year after the twins were born we wanted to try for our single remaining frozen embryo. We underwent FET Frozen Embryo Transfer and the result was negative. The embryo didn’t take and we were left with no child as a result. My due date for our fourth child would have been May 20th, a date I will forever cherish.

It’s truly amazing

I’m all too aware of the struggles woman can face trying to conceive and I truly believe each child is a gift from God. When you can see the science behind conception and pregnancy play out under a microscope it’s truly amazing in my eyes. So many things can go wrong along the way so for someone to conceive naturally is simply a miracle in and of itself.

Cherish your children, hold them close, be ever present, and share their joy for the new world around them. You can learn so much from your children even when you think they can only learn from you.


Momma to 3 wide-eyed wonders

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