Glory to God

This post is to give Glory to God.

If you have read some of my previous blogs, you know I was praying for a few things. For our family to grow, and a church home. I had realized I was mindlessly praying for these things, they were things I would think about and ask God for every now and again but not really hit my knees to the floor and talk to God about it.

One night, I was feeling down. No reason. I just felt down. My husband was asleep beside me and I lied there awake in the dark. I looked up, and I prayed. I’m talking tears flowing down my face, praying to God. I would be surprised it didn’t wake my husband, but he sleeps like a rock. I could probably blare music in the next room and he wouldn’t wake.

I remember I told God I didn’t know who I was anymore. We recently moved to a new state and we didn’t have many friends. I, who stays at home 90 percent of my time with our son, really did not get to go out much. I felt inadequate, I was almost embarrassed to let God know this about me, as if He did not already know every emotion in my heart.

I told him I needed a church home. I told Him wherever he took our family, I would serve. I told him I felt like I had a missing piece in my heart where Church used to be. I ended my prayer with a request for a baby. Our family had been waiting for another child so I again pleaded God for one. I wiped my tears, and I went to sleep.

This prayer was on a Friday.

The next day I woke up, and looked at my fertility app I had downloaded and it told me I was due for a pregnancy test. I came out of the bedroom and told my husband I was going to take a test, he got up from the couch and followed me into the bathroom where he prepared to hold me and catch my falling tears. I peed on the stick, put the test face down so I wouldn’t be tempted to look too soon, and waited 2 minutes. I asked my husband if he was ready to look, he says yes, we flip it over… POSITIVE.

My husband is shocked, I’m ready to cry. We’re happy. We decide to take another one the following day just to be sure. Fast forward, this test is positive as well!

Well, what about the church home?

Lets rewind back to Saturday. Later that day, we help a friend who is moving into our apartment complex, she didn’t have a bed so we lent her our air mattress and checked out her new place. She invites us to dinner with her and our other friends who also live in our complex, and we happily oblige.

During dinner, she remembers we were looking for a Church. We are then invited to go to a Church she has been going to and she really enjoys. We agree it would be a great idea and the following morning we all go to Church together.

My husband and I both fall in love, and we find our Church home.

A Church where I am already getting information to join the Worship Team, where my husband is getting information to work with the teenagers, where our son is LOVING their kid’s program, and where we as a family already found our “life group” within the church.

You guys, God answered both of my prayers in ONE WEEKEND. I was in awe. I am in awe. Now, obviously God had placed this sweet baby inside me weeks before I prayed that tearful prayer, but providing our Church home?!

Honestly, I love when God shows up and SHOWS OFF!!!

Mama, if you are needing something from God, He knows it. Never stop praying for it, and God will give you what your heart desires in His most beautiful perfect timing!


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