Friday, February 10th, 2017

I remember my alarm going off at 8:30 am and waddling myself into the shower, getting ready for one of my last prenatal checkups. I woke my boyfriend up and we headed on over to the office. At this point I honestly couldn’t wait to get out of there because 1, I was 9 month preggers and walking anymore than 5 feet was exhausting. And 2, I couldn’t wait to go get our post appointment donuts- which were literally life back then. We found out that I was measuring pretty small for how far along I was so I was sent over to get another ultrasound done just to be safe.

We get seen and measured once again, the ultrasound tech steps out then back in and demands we go to the hospital right away! That’s it. No, “don’t worry everything should be fine” or anything. Just, “go to the hospital right away”. Is this it? Are we having a baby today? Should I be excited or scared here lady?!

At around 3pm we were sitting in the triage room waiting for yet another ultrasound and some answers. Finally, around 6pm we receive news that we are staying. I was being induced at 39 weeks(baby was measuring a little small). We’re having a baby! We both knew it would be soon but no way we thought this would be happening, like right freaking now!

They FINALLY transferred us to our birthing room and the nurse comes in to give me my iv (Apparently I had been having steady contractions a few minutes apart for a while but hadn’t felt them).So the doctor comes in and starts the induction process.

TMI, but hey, this is a birth story💁

As she started the process she accidentally broke my water and it literally went everywhere. All over me, the bed, the doctor, EVERYWHERE. I didn’t even feel it either, I thought for sure I had peed all over the bed. Nope. Totally didn’t. Just glad I didn’t pee all over everything😅

After everything was clean and settled, lol, we finally were alone just laboring away. Talking about the lunar eclipse and all the interesting little things going on that night, waiting for our moms to arrive when the contractions started hitting me HARD. All I could do was be completely silent and still, concentrating on the “stop, don’t get up” sign painted on the top of the ceiling above my hospital bed. It felt like there was no more time in between contractions so right as my mother arrived at around midnight, I decided to get the epidural-which terrified me more than childbirth itself. Really, it wasn’t bad, I barely even felt it (however, it made me so incredibly nauseous and shaky for the rest of my labor and I was so numb I couldn’t even move my toes).

After about 3 hours it finally started to wear off and it was time to push! My mom grabbed one leg and Dillon grabbed the other. 30 minutes later our sweet baby boy was here and everything was so perfect. 6 pounds and 2 ounces of healthy perfection!

It was magic. He was magic. We were magic. And this magical world gave us the most precious gift we will ever receive. The happiest, healthiest baby boy.

Baby Jameson born February 11th at 3:31am 🙌


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