Hey mamas!! My name is Cailyn Tuller. I'm from a small town called Alamogordo in New Mexico and I'm currently living in Maryland with my sweet little family! My husband is in the military which is our reason for being so far from home...which is hard. I am a stay at home mama and I absolutely love this job...but I needed something to be mine, and Zelda and I gave life to this idea to help mamas all around to feel less alone. I love my life, and I love to share my journeys with you all, as well as being a part of yours!! I look forward to hearing from all of you mamas!!




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Hi! Im Zelda, 24 year old “wife” to my best friend in the whole universe and a mama to not only one little human but now two coming this February 2019.   I left from working full time as a barista at Starbucks and finishing my bachelors in business to becoming a “Full-Time” SAHM.  Its been the greatest adventure I am still living, even if I get no time off or pay.  I love being a mother.  

My soon to be oldest, Lennon Brett Holland is 19 months and will be 2 years old this January!  I still can’t believe it… I KNOW!

Lennon recently got diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and we are so incredibly blessed to have him in our lives. 

I also have a little goose cooking in the oven and won’t arrive till February 2019, and I’m praying that we have a healthy baby like Lennon. 

I always had an interest in social media, especially reaching others through the internet.  From finding new friends to making multiple mediocre blogs just to really vent and find myself.  It wasn’t till I actually got pregnant that I started blogging more for myself as a mother.  

My life in general hasn’t been perfectly planned but What I can tell you is that I wouldn’t change anything about it.  

I didn’t get pregnant right away, My husband lost his job, and we moved from New Mexico to Arizona to start again…from nothing to something so beautiful. 

After I gave birth, I began documenting the most I could.  I have so many pictures of my son but little of actually me and who I am. 

So I decided to share more of me too, something that not only I could look back on, but for my children to see that I love them so darn much!

Wordswithmoms was created to help us moms have a safe place.  Cailyn, my  friend and I were looking to spread love and no judgment for all mothers so we decided to follow our gut and make a blogging website where mothers can vent and share stories of their own, no filter needed.  We know how it can be, and thats why we want to have a “judgement free zone” for us mothers. 

I am so glad and grateful that the universe somehow brought Cailyn and I together so we could make this beautiful place. 

Thank you for checking out our blog and our safe place.  Grab a glass of wine or coffee and let it all out.  



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