Focusing on what truly matters



Life can get so hectic and honestly very stressful… 

I am not going to sugar coat anything. 

My husband and I argue quiet a bit these last few months, or shall I say past year.  

A relationship does change after you have children.  Sometimes it can change and be good or bad… quiet a bit of both until you actually take time to focus on what truly matters. and that is your family, your relationship, yourself. 

It’s so easy to argue and argue and never get anywhere but its hard to finally open up and face what is truly going on.  It’s so hard being a parent, Its hard finding time to manage it all.  My husband works a 6-5 job , does online school, and I well I take care of the rest.  I manage being a homemaker to the best of my capabilities.  I barely have time to do it all.  I am expected to have everything paid, made, taken care of.  If I sneak in a shower or manage to even eat food warm it’s a great day.  

Life really has been stressful lately, if it’s not one thing, it’s the other and we are struggling.  So I took it upon myself to be transparent and work on my family and relationship.  I believe that making time for family time or just simply listening can make such a difference.  As much as my family life isn’t perfect, we remain a family.  




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