Florida Vibes

Being a mother is like falling down a hole sometimes. There’s crying in the back ground, sometimes I stare off and drain it out. I get my days mixed up and my priorities are far from in a line. I would get a planner but all that would be is a pretty decoration in my office. My point is, for two weeks in a row, I thought Friday was Thursday and had mini heart attacks more often when realizing I forgot to do something. I’m overwhelmed.

 We’ve been in Florida for about a month and let me tell you, vacation with a baby is not like the vacations I’ve had before. You’re always forgetting something and leaving one thing or the other in the car on accident. You’re planning to meet up with one person for about five days because the baby is just not in the mood. There’s birthday parties you’re trying to make and people you’re trying to see. But the baby has to eat in the most inconvenient times and is grumpy at other times. Everyone wants to grab him. GERMS EVERYWHERE. 

 Speaking of germs, tonio got his first cold being here. Fever and all. My heart goes out to moms who are sick and still take care of a little who’s also sick because man was it hard to do it when I’m not even sick. He’s constantly unhappy and the snot is gross and the amount of sleep they need makes it to where your whole day is wasted in the room tending to their sickness. I love being a mother but man, they do not tell you how many jobs a mother has. We are teachers. We are nurses. We are friends. We are councilors. We are entertainers. We are mommy, ladies. 

My trip is almost over and I’m getting to the sad part where I don’t want to leave. I’ve had so much help being here and so many smiles. I haven’t been this happy in a while and it sucks that it’s coming to an end. We’ll sure miss the sun, the friends and family, and the comfortable spot were in right now. Time to get back to reality! 

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