Endlessly Exhausted

Endlessly exhausted.

It’s midnight and I’m completely exhausted. It’s been tough lately. A lot of running around, taking care of my son and well I’m pregnant again so another person is sucking the life out of me. No really… I feel like children do. I can barely think nowadays. I’m so dumb. I haven’t felt like this since lennon was a baby and didn’t want to sleep at night. My son keeps waking up and up and up and I can only blame diabetes. I miss sleep so much. I miss the 5 hour uninterrupted sleeping. I’m so endlessly exhausted. I wish I could give lennon more but I just can’t at times. I yelled at him multiple times tonight because he kept on throwing his pacifier out of the crib to just cry to get it back. Well with a lost pacifier and an extra one I had handy he still tested me. Then I start to over think that lennon is letting me know that something is wrong or the guilt starts hitting me. I hate yelling. I hate being so damn tired. I hate being endlessly exhausted.



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