Embracing The Epidural

With Lennon I didn’t know what to expect. First pregnancy and I felt the need to deliver all natural, no help, no nothing. Squatting and pulling my baby out, experiencing the FULL effect of giving birth.

Well, nothing went as planned. Nothing at all. See my body decided I wasn’t ready and I have to admit that Lennon wanted to stay in as long as possible.

It took 41 Weeks, 6 Days, Cervical Ripening, and finally a lot of pain, hours, and tears. When I was at the hospital they sent me home the first time because I was not dilating. I was so frustrated and I felt confused on why my body wasn’t working with me but against me. When I was home, I tried and tried coping with my contractions. From 4pm to 2:30 am I was still coping with all the pain while my husband and mother were dead ass asleep.

I felt lost and I felt like I was never going to finally meet our baby boy.

At 2:30 AM, I made my husband take me back to the hospital because I just couldn’t take it.
When they checked me again I was STILL 1 CM dilated. I cursed and began to cry even more. I was so scared and my contractions were so close together I just couldn’t handle it.

I know my body could have handled it, but mentally I was defeated. The lack of emotional support wasn’t there and I do honestly believe I could have gotten through labor with that emotional support. But thats not the point.

It wasn’t till they offered me the Epidural that I agreed right away. It took TWO epidurals to help me and an amazing nurse to tell me that there is no shame in an epidural and its still natural.

Thats when it hit me that I was going to deliver naturally.

No matter what anyone tells you, giving birth is natural.
Embrace your body, embrace birth, embrace the EPIDURAL!



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