Diabetes isn’t my son


It's so easy to say that diabetes is manageable.  It's a total lie.  But luckily with technology we can actually live a semi normal life.  It's been little over three months since Lennons diagnosis and I have to say that most days it's such a battle.  I feel so defeated by the end of the day because it's so difficult to control his glucose levels. From one meal to the next everything changes and I hate it.  But this isn't what this post is about.

Diabetes doesn't define my son.

I refuse to let this disease consume us or define us.  We are actually starting to get used to his daily needs/routine.  It can be challenging at times, since he's only 20 months old but he's still healthy.

My son can do everything your son can do, but he just needs a little help from us.  I like to compare it to a vitamin.  You give your child a vitamin every day so why thing any different with insulin?

People have questioned his sensor on his arm or even his little pump fanny pack.  I just tell them he has a pump cause he's diabetic.  A lot of people tend to be shocked and pity my son, but please do not pity my son.  Please do not treat him any different.  I know now that making things obvious can make situations even worse.  

Some days I do feel bad for my son, but then I take a step back and just comfort him like I would do any other time.  My son is allowed to have bad days like us.  I shouldn't even think twice about not letting him have a bad day because he is normal!  

It wasn't till we were diagnosed that I started viewing the world differently.   My son is as special as any other child in this world.  Just because he needs some help doesn't mean he's less of a person.  He still can eat pizza! He still can run around and play! 

If you are a mama dealing with something similar, please know that you are not alone!  Your child is special no matter what but not any different! 

Hugs sweet mama,

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