Be the bigger person

Wow what a week. 

Last week I took the longest plane ride of life with my eight month old to come home to Florida for a little while. Truth be told, I was incredibly home sick. I was incredibly lonely. Being in a new state with no one but your husband and baby is hard, no one stressed how hard it was going to be. Especially hard for someone who comes from a home of anywhere from 6-12 people living there at once. Anyways, so I’m here in Florida!

I’ve been trying to visit a lot of family since so many either haven’t met tonio or last time they seen him, he was so itty. My boy has grown a mighty amount since the last time he was here in Florida. So we’ve visited grandpa on daddy’s side. Tonio and alexs dad have the cutest bond. They LOVE each other.

We’ve visited our best friends, yuli and her boy who’s about 10 months older than tonio. Antonio is learning to be nicer to people around his size lol so far so good. We’ve visited so many people.

But one.  Tonios grandma on his dads side.

To think I’ve been here for a week already and his own “grandma” has no interest in seeing him. Don’t get me wrong, she invited us to church (who brings a baby to church, beats me). Lord knows a baby can’t sit still or be quiet for more than 20 seconds. Well I guess she doesn’t know lol so we passed on that. My point is, it’s been a week and she hasn’t taken time from her “ busy” day to see her grandchild. I get it, you work. But damn, you don’t work past 7pm, I know that. And you don’t work weekends,

so what’s the excuse?

It infuriates me to know, someone my husband loves so much, has little to no interest to see the child her son created. I had to actually influence her to see tonio before we moved. Can you believe it? She didn’t even see him in the hospital. She didn’t even visit me before I gave birth. And there was a whole week to do that since tonio took a week to come out while I was induced. This lady has me blocked off social media, she doesn’t call or text me, this woman literally hates me. But I gave birth to someone with the same blood flowing through his tiny veins and she just doesn’t seem to care. 

Being a woman of god ( LOL I USE THIS LIGHTLY), I’ve tried to be the bigger person. When it comes to my child, I want the best for him. That means sucking up the family drama, and making sure he knows where he comes from. Even if it feels like I’m setting fire to myself. So I suppose I’ll continue trying to see her. I can’t keep tonio from her as much as I’d love to. A woman like that doesn’t deserve to be called grandma. Doesn’t deserve to take pictures of my son to post on her social media for all her friends to see she has a grandchild somewhere. She doesn’t deserve a lot. But here I am, less than ten miles from her.

Still wondering why she can’t see how wrong this is. 

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