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Hi everyone! My name is Nicole Ayala and I’m from south Florida. I have one son, little Antonio ayala who is six months. Being a new mom, I’m still testing so many thing out. I’m very big into Montessori teachings for children. Before being a mother, I was a preschool teacher for three years to 27 four year olds a school year. Wow, right? Teaching children is a true passion of mine but isn’t what I want to do forever. I’m currently in the works of going to school to be an orthodontist. Realistically, that’ll never happen unless I want to be in school 3/4 of my life so I see myself settling for just being in dental but a girl can dream. I’m 23 years old and have to much to give my community and would love to start by helping my fellow mama community to spread the message that you are never alone. You are never the only one feeling what you’re feeling. We are in this together and I’m here to prove it! It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to do so, here with Words with Moms!

A million hugs and kisses,
Nicole Ayala